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lightspark - An alternative Flash Player implementation

Website: http://lightspark.github.io/
License: LGPLv3+
Vendor: RPM Fusion
Lightspark is a modern, free, open-source flash player implementation.
Lightspark features:

* JIT compilation of Actionscript to native x86 byte code using LLVM
* Hardware accelerated rendering using OpenGL Shaders (GLSL)
* Very good and robust support for current-generation Actionscript 3
* A new, clean, code base exploiting Multi-Threading and optimized for
modern hardware. Designed from scratch after the official Flash
documentation was released.


lightspark-0.8.2-1.fc32.armv7hl [1.9 MiB] Changelog by Xavier Bachelot (2019-09-27):
- Update to 0.8.2.
- Build with debuginfo enabled.
- Remove pre_release and simplify snapshot handling.
- Minor spec cleanup.
- tightspark is not built by default anymore, add a bcond_with switch.

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