xbmc - Media center

XBMC media center is a free cross-platform media-player jukebox and
entertainment hub.  XBMC can play a spectrum of of multimedia formats,
and featuring playlist, audio visualizations, slideshow, and weather
forecast functions, together third-party plugins.
License:GPLv2+ and GPLv3+ Group:Applications/Multimedia
URL: Source: xbmc


Name Version Release Type Size Built
xbmc 10.0 0.19.Dharma_beta3.fc14 i686 48.97 MiB Fri Oct 15 10:18:04 2010


* Mon Sep 13 14:00:00 2010 Alex Lancaster <alexlan[AT]fedoraproject org> - 10.0-0.12.Dharma_beta1
- Upstream is dropping month from version, using 10.0 as Dharma release version.
- Add explicit Requires for libcrystalhd
* Tue Sep 14 14:00:00 2010 Alex Lancaster <alexlan[AT]fedoraproject org> - 10.0-0.13.Dharma_beta1
- Disable SNES codec (Nintendo sound files) on f14 as nasm >=2.09 has
  trouble compiling with that version on f14 (rhbz#633646)
* Tue Sep 14 14:00:00 2010 Alex Lancaster <alexlan[AT]fedoraproject org> - 10.0-0.14.Dharma_beta2
- Rebase to Dharma beta 2 (SVN r33778)

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