gstreamer-ffmpeg - GStreamer FFmpeg-based plug-ins

GStreamer is a streaming media framework, based on graphs of filters which
operate on media data. Applications using this library can do anything
from real-time sound processing to playing videos, and just about anything
else media-related.  Its plugin-based architecture means that new data
types or processing capabilities can be added simply by installing new

This package provides FFmpeg-based GStreamer plug-ins.
License:GPLv2+ and LGPLv2+ Group:Applications/Multimedia
URL: Source: gstreamer-ffmpeg


Name Version Release Type Size Built
gstreamer-ffmpeg 0.10.11 1.fc14 i686 495 KiB Sat Jul 17 00:24:45 2010
gstreamer-ffmpeg 0.10.11 1.fc14 x86_64 486 KiB Sat Jul 17 00:23:05 2010


* Sun Mar 22 13:00:00 2009 Hans de Goede <j{*}w{*}r{*}degoede{%}hhs{*}nl> 0.10.7-1
- New upstream release 0.10.7
* Wed Jun 17 14:00:00 2009 Hans de Goede <j{*}w{*}r{*}degoede{%}hhs{*}nl> 0.10.7-2
- Rebuild for changes in the gstreamer provides script
* Tue Aug 11 14:00:00 2009 Hans de Goede <j{*}w{*}r{*}degoede{%}hhs{*}nl> 0.10.8-1
- New upstream release 0.10.8

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