VirtualBox - A general-purpose full virtualizer for PC hardware

License: GPLv2 or (GPLv2 and CDDL)
Vendor: RPM Fusion
A general-purpose full virtualizer and emulator for 32-bit and
64-bit x86 based PC-compatible machines.


VirtualBox-5.0.16-3.fc23.src [105.8 MiB] Changelog by Sérgio Basto (2016-03-12):
- Package review with upstream RPM, better organization.
- Delete source8 not in use since 2009.
- Fix some errors: VBoxNetNAT permissions, preserve components symlinks
- vnc don't have snippet to install, disable it (to fix later).
- Add notes to add service vboxautostart and to install rdesktop-vrdp.

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