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ldoce5viewer - Viewer Application for the Longman Dictionary (LDOCE 5)

Website: https://forward-backward.co.jp/ldoce5viewer/
License: GPLv3+ and Public Domain
Vendor: RPM Fusion
The ldoce5viewer is an alternative dictionary viewer for the
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 5th Edition (LDOCE 5).

    - Comprehensive instant search.
    - Pleasant to use.
    - Clean and readable.
    - Full sound playback.
    - Access virtually all of the LDOCE content.
    - Powerful advanced search.
    - Search in definitions and example sentences.
    - Clipboard monitoring.

Note: Before you can use the app, you have to install
      the original LDOCE 5 software from the DVD-ROM.


ldoce5viewer-0-27.20180309git377ff48.fc41.noarch [534 KiB] Changelog by Leigh Scott (2024-04-04):
- Fix python-3.12 issue

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