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broadcom-wl - Common files for Broadcom 802.11 STA driver

Website: https://www.broadcom.com/support/download-search?pg=&pf=Wireless+LAN/Bluetooth+Combo
License: Redistributable, no modification permitted
Vendor: RPM Fusion
This package contains the license, README.txt and configuration
files for the Broadcom 802.11 Linux STA Driver for WiFi, a Linux
device driver for use with Broadcom's BCM4311-, BCM4312-, BCM4313-,
BCM4321-, BCM4322-, BCM43142-, BCM43224-, BCM43225-, BCM43227-,
BCM43228-, BCM4331-, BCM4360 and -BCM4352- based hardware.


broadcom-wl- [27 KiB] Changelog by Nicolas Viéville (2019-10-16):
- Updated URLs to new Broadcom WEB site

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