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xv - Interactive image display program for X

Website: https://github.com/jasper-software/xv
License: Shareware
Vendor: RPM Fusion
This is the famous 'xv' by John Bradley. It is shareware, but we ship
it with the permission of the authors. It is a graphics viewer for
many file types, including gif, jpg, tiff, xwd, etc. It also has
manipulation features such as cropping, expanding, etc. Patched to
include flmask, a popular feature in Japan.


xv-5.0.0-1.fc40.ppc64le [636 KiB] Changelog by Paul Howarth (2024-02-06):
- Update to 5.0.0
  - Removed all of the obsolete (and no longer used) make/imake-based build
  - Removed the bundled copies of the source code for the external libraries
    used for JPEG and TIFF support (which were not used anyway)
- Avoid duplicate documentation files by hard linking them together

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