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cannonball - An Enhanced OutRun Engine

Website: https://github.com/djyt/cannonball/wiki
License: MAME
Vendor: RPM Fusion
Cannonball is a program which allows you to play an enhanced version of
Yu Suzuki's seminal arcade racer, OutRun, on a variety of systems:
- 60 fps gameplay (smoother than the original game)
- True widescreen mode (extend the play area by 25%)
- High Resolution mode (improves sprite scaling)
- Time Trial Mode
- Cheats
- Customisable Music
- High Score Saving
- Western, Japanese & prototype track support
- Analog & Digital controllers supported
- Force Feedback / Haptic support (Windows only)
- Fixes bugs present in the original game


cannonball-0.3-3.fc27.ppc64le [219 KiB] Changelog by Andrea Musuruane (2017-08-11):
- Fixed boost include path

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