meka - Sega 8-bit emulator with debugging/hacking tools

Website: http://www.smspower.org/meka/
License: MEKA and non-commercial
Vendor: RPM Fusion
MEKA is a multi machine emulator, originally started as a Sega Master System
emulator, and generally very oriented toward Z80-based Sega 8-bit systems.
MEKA officially emulates the following systems:

 - Sega Game 1000        / SG-1000  / Japan, Oceania
 - Sega Computer 3000    / SC-3000  / Japan, Oceania, Europe
 - Super Control Station / SF-7000  / Japan, Oceania, Europe
 - Sega Mark III         / MK3      / Japan
    + FM Unit Extension  / MK3+FM   / Japan
 - Sega Master System    / SMS      / World Wide
 - Sega Game Gear        / GG       / World Wide
 - ColecoVision          / COLECO   / America, Europe
 - Othello Multivision   / OMV      / Japan

You can play other systems on it only if you are smart enough to figure how.
And if you are, I doubt you will want to play Nintendo games. So forget it.


meka-0.80-0.16.20191213git.fc31.src [2.8 MiB] Changelog by Andrea Musuruane (2019-12-14):
- Updated to a new upstream preview of version 0.80
- Spec file clean up

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